call me lina | she/her | 🇲🇽
i like loonatwicepink, playing guitar and collecting!

ults! blackpink⁴ (jennie), twice⁹ (chaeyoung), aespa⁴ (ningning), loona¹² (chuu/yves), bigbang⁵ (gd)
stans! itzy⁵ (ryujin), red velvet⁵ (seulgi), snsd⁹ (taeyeon/tiffany), nmixx⁷ (lily), moonbyul, dreamcatcher⁷, (g)i-dle⁶ (minnie), rolling quartz⁵ (Iree), kep1er⁹ (hikaru)


justin bieber, beabadoobee, hojean, my chemical romance+solo projects, pierce the veil, panic! at the disco (i don’t support brendon), waterparks, nirvana+++


i am a minor, i do not support anything problematic my faves have done, i don’t always tweet about kpop, i will not fb if you fit my dnf criteria or if i fit yours, sb to unf

racist, sexist, homophobic/transphobic, support trump, say slurs you can’t reclaim, don’t respect pronouns, put kpop over morals/toxic stan, anti any of my faves, ot4 vips, akgae (solos ok)


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